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ThermaPure® provides Certification for technicians, sales professionals, consultants and service providers applying the technology. This certification is unique within the industry and provides assurances that the Certificate holder has achieved specific requirements. ThermaPure® Certification demonstrates a commitment on the part of the individual and the company to meeting the rigorous standards of performance required to successfully apply high temperature restoration, remediation and pest eradication to structures, portions of structures or contents. Although Certification does not guarantee successful treatments or projects, it does provide assurances that the ThermaPure® applicator has demonstrated knowledge and/or experience with the application of the ThermaPure® technology. ThermaPure® Heat Technicians have been trained in the physics of heat applications. They understand which materials may be damaged at specific temperatures and how to protect these items. They are experienced in delivering uniform target temperature in a variety of structures with differing construction. They are well versed in the various types of equipment used to deliver and distribute heat, to monitor temperature and moisture, and to protect structures and contents from damage. They have also received health and safety training, specifically heat illness prevention, to provide worker protection in a high temperature environment. Additionally, convective heat applications create significant amounts of aerosol and workers are trained in the use of filtration and engineering controls to protect themselves and other occupants of the structure.

What we train

  • Heat Technician 1 (Pest, Environmental) – Online course and materials, Examination,
  • Heat Technician 2 (Pest, Environmental) - Field Work, Examination (Refresher required after 2 years),
  • Heat Technician 3 – (Pest) - Completion of Required Number of Projects, Coursework (Ventura campus may be required),
  • Heat Technician 3 – (Environmental) - Completion of Required Number of Projects, Coursework (Ventura campus may be required), IICRC courses: WRT/ASD for water restoration and/or AMRT for mold removal,
  • Heat Technician 4 – ThermaPure® Trainer – Completion of a certain number of Specialty Courses, Practical Experience
  • Advanced Level Certifications – (Pest, Environmental) - Specialty course completions, for example, Structural Pasteurization, Structural Drying, Mold and Bacteria, Bed Bug, Rodent Exclusion, VOCs and Odors, Hanta Virus and other Viruses, etc.

Our Team






Our companies are committed to using our intellectual property to reduce humanity’s exposure to lethal chemicals and carcinogenic substances, to improve the quality of life for asthma sufferers, and to provide living and working conditions that have less exposure to dangerous mold, bacteria, viruses and chemicals.

ThermaPure is already a common name in the restoration and pest control industries. We want it to be a household name. Every person should know that they have the option to use pure heat to improve the quality of their homes and lives.

Every home and structure is different. The more experience and training you have, the better service you can provide.  

Why Choose Us

  • ThermaPure® Heat Technicians are thoroughly trained and qualified in the industry
  • ThermaPure® Heat Technicians have demonstrated significant text and hands-on field experience
  • ThermaPure® Heat technicians utilize a ThermaPure® training manual that is over 300 pages of science and experience and compiled from 20+ years of experience
  • Practical field methods are tested by ThermaPure’s operating companies, to assure success prior to becoming a part of the curriculum
  • ThermaPure® Heat Technicians have access to a large network of heat providers and information
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